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                                              All our dogs are hip scored eye tested under the KC/BVA schemes  

                                                              and are microchipped with Petlog and are traceable            


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              Humaryn Take A Chance             Humaryn On The Agenda                                                 Freddie                                                                                               Ben



                 Humaryn Devon Adventure             Tomsflyer Chocolate Dream At Humaryn

                            Dora                                                                                           Belle



                        Thurbajens Chasing Dreams At  Humaryn       Humaryn Devon Dairyman   

                     Eve                                                                                                         Bertie




                                      Abbey's Black Pearl With Humaryn









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                                                       Party Ponies By Humaryn 

                                Children's Parties and Shetland Pony Rides 



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