Recommendation Letters from Owners

 who have had puppies from us  (page under to be uploaded)

We have just purchased our second little black girl (born 28th April) and we could not be happier.

We became acquainted with Marilyn and Hugh about 4 years ago after we lost our much loved, almost 15 year old, labrador, coincidentally called Abbey.  We, like you probably, were searching for another lab companion (once a lab owner, etc etc) and we travelled to many breeders over several miles before we found Humaryn.  We live in Gloucestershire, by the way - about 3 hours from the Humaryn kennels.  We were drawn to their philosophy of careful breeding practices - for temperment, disposition, socialisation, etc.  We went on a list and got our Lottie, now 3 1/2, and as they say, have never looked back.  She is the cleverest and most personable of all the labradors I have ever had (I have had 5 over the years!) - as well as the most beautiful.  We are constantly stopped on walks and asked where we got her.
Hence, we went on a list again and now have little Anna.  Again, clever (especially at 11 weeks), sociable and beautiful.

Carolyn and Patrick Mansell

Consider yourself blessed, as I was, if you end up getting your Puppy Lab from Humaryn. I personally consider the owners, Marilyn and Hugh Sidebottom, among the topmost professional Lab breeders in Britain.
I ordered my Black Lab -- KENZO -- from them before he was born. Not only did they choose him for me at birth on 17 December 2007, but cared for him as their own till April 2008, when I had him flown over to my home in Dubai. They were kind enough to handle every little detail concerning his inoculations and paperwork, including his travel documents and passport.
I watched Kenzo grow throughout the four months he was in their care because they e-mailed me new photos of him every other week (and they never charged me a penny for that). I also know that Marilyn had tears in her eyes when Kenzo left her home to join mine.
I have an extended family in Dubai that includes six grandchildren, bless them all -- three girls aged between 2 and 8 and three boys aged between 4 months and 9 years. For all of them, including the 4-month-old, Kenzo is the darling of their little lives.
Except for the latest addition, they all take weekly turns at "spending the night" at our villa to "play with" Kenzo.
I love him to bits -- the kindest, cuddliest and most gentle little giant you can imagine.
On our walks, if other dogs barked at Kenzo, he wags his tail and looks at me bewilderingly, almost asking: "Why was that?"
If pictures could speak!
Have a look at the attached photos showing:



We have recently been lucky enough to have a puppy from Marilyn and Hugh.  Our puppy GEORGE is a Chocolate Labrador and is 11 weeks old today.  We collected him at eight weeks and he has been an absolute joy to have around.  Our vet has checked him over and is happy that all is well with him, and has also commented on his temperament......saying he's very friendly and well behaved.  We have to teenage boys and many visitor to our house and have found that George is wonderfully behaved around all of them. 
We found both Marilyn and Hugh extremely professional, friendly, helpful and always available for advice as needed.  I would definitely recommend them to anybody that was seeking to own a Labrador. 

Fonia and Kevin Pound


My name is Kelly and my family and I have just recently received a puppy from Marilyn and Hugh Sidebottom in the UK. I had a very pleasant experience with the Sidebottoms who called us when the litter was born and kept us up to date with weekly photos of the puppies during their early development.  Our family lives in Bermuda and everything was arranged (by the Sidebottoms)so that we could simply come and collect him when he was old enough to fly. Not only is he a beautiful dog, but he has a very sweet disposition; not too hyper and family friendly (our youngest is 3 so this is very important to us).  I have attached pictures of Bailey when we first got him at 10wks.


 I have known Hugh and Marilyn and their family for about 17 years. Since I have known them they have always been regarded as authorities in the field of labradors. In the early days I often accompanied them to local and National Shows where the Humaryn name was well rewarded with prizes and accolades. 
 Humaryn Labradors have always been a family run affair with their children and now grandchildren assisting with the care and even 'in the ring'.
 we bought our first 8 week old labrador from Marilyn in the early days (Humaryn Charlie Brown) and he shortly became a well loved and adored family member.  His temperament was second to none and is sadly missed even some seven years after his death, he has left an indelible mark on all of us. 
A little while after the death of Charlie we decided the time was right to give another loving home to a lab so our first port of call was of course Humaryn and  other wonderful dog, so like Charlie in many ways.
 In my opinion, and as I have said many times - in public forum - there are no finer labradors than a Humaryn labrador and no finer breeders than Hugh and Marilyn who care passionately not only about the labrador breed, but their welfare and future owners. 
I certainly hope that this assists in your search for a suitable labrador and am sure that if the puppy chooses you - you will not go far wrong!
 Yours sincerely 
Dr Lee Edworthy



My name is Sue Dickinson, I am part of the Humaryn lab family. Ender my chocolate dog who just turned 1 year old on April 20.2009 is the most wonderful, healthy, loving, well rounded boy.
And the Sidebottom's are a wealth of knowledge about their lines of dogs and labs in general. I truly feel part of their family and was welcomed with open arms. I'm never turned away when I have a question or made to feel silly.
You also must know that I am in the U. S and Ender was the first puppy the Sidebottom's have ever shipped to the U. S and they were tireless in their quest to make sure we all knew exactly what paper work we needed, how the whole process was going to work and above all that Ender was going to be safe and handled well by the air line.
I can think of no higher praise for a kennel then to say "I'll only ever buy a puppy from them or a breeder who comes on very high recommendation from the Sidebottom's"
Here is a photo of my very sweet man. 
Take care
Sue Dickinson & Humaryn Devon Dream Of Me, (AKA) Ender


Visitor Comments                    

Dear Marilyn and Hugh

My Nolly is a copy of  Jessica in youth (photo on site).   

Can’t believe,  that Nolly was born after fifth  generations of Jessica.   

They looked like two sisters.                                                     
t's very interesting and nice site !I’m happy to communicate with you.       

Best Regards,
Your friend from far Ukraine, Eugene


Hi Marilyn
I think your web page is good Marcus showed me how to use it,  talk to you soon

Dear Marilyn 
I've just had a chance to look at your new HP. Well done it looks great, I really like the photo of "The Flying Nun" in the breed history link.  
Speak to you soon.
RORKE      Natal. S.A        


Hello Marilyn,
I will be very happy to add your site to the Links Page.  I will be uploading the new information in a day or so.

Good luck with your is very nicely done.
Jill Ickowski   
Wiscoy Labradors
Eden, NY


Dear Marilyn & Hugh,
Enjoyed your site.  I'd be interested in the pedigree and hip score details
of your chocolate dog, when you've time.
Regards, Chris. Vaughan ( I used Treburrow's Harry & we met at Wadebridge,
with my yellow pup ).
Return address:

Dear Marilyn,
Thanks for your website, the labs are wonderful.
Thanks again

Eric    Hong Kong


Jose Maria Lombana       Cali, Colombia


Hi you are clever making a web site, I have just invested in a scanner so I
am a good way behind on the pc front! hope you are all well and that the
foot and mouth is not affecting your showing, it has all stopped up here
apart from Lab Club of Scotland with a changed venue, it is on Saturday, we
have just come back from 2 weeks in Hong Kong which was brilliant, speak
soon kathy x

Dear Both,
         Have viewed your web site good on you,
        Regards and Best Wishes


Hello Marilyn & Hugh,
Thanks so much for sending me details of your updated web page. It looks really good and must have taken considerable effort on your part to put together. I shall probably get around to it at some stage! Hope you are all well and perhaps we shall see you at some shows when the foot & mouth has settled down. It's must be very worrying for those closely involved in it. Keep in touch and thank again - apologies for the delay in replying.
Lucy Kent.   Trewinnard Labradors


Dear Marilyn,

Apologies for the delay in replying - I wanted to have enough time to look
through your site properly.
 I like the picture on the front page. 
 However, it's also worth knowing that it's about a million
times better than my first web page was (and Amber is gorgeous - reminds me
of my cat from home)!
Hope all's going well with the labradors
Kind regards
ABCtales magazine


                                                          ( World Champion 2000)   


Born: 15-06-95                                                                                  

Parents  Grandparents  Great-Grandparents 






ACERBIS LABRADORS ENCI/FCI recognised kennel owned by Piera Zerbi



Thank you very much for your message.   I  visited your beautiful web syte,  and would like  to let you know  we had also Trewinnard Tea Caddy who became It. Show Champion and 2 bitches   T. Silversmith  ( now  14  )  and  T. Blackberry  ( who went to France later)
My best wishes  for a happy Easter  .     Piera Zerbi


Dear Mr and Mrs Sidebottom, 
I found your website through the Labrador Breeders list and thought I should mail you some words....... 
My name is MaiLis and I have the Applejackīs Labradors in Sweden. I guess you donīt know, but I have a grandson out of your Jessica.
His name is Trewinnard My Song and we bought him from Tony as a puppie. We call him Smokey and heīs now 8 years old. 
He has been very succesful, he has three CC:s and he has a first prize in beginners class in fieldtrail. To become a Champion in Sweden you must first have a first in beginners and then a second in open/fieldtrial. Unfortunately we didīnīt get that on Smokey so heīs not a "real" Champion. 
I also saw that you have a bitch out of Smokeys littersister, I really hope she will do good for you. 
Anyhow, just wanted to let you know that I have a relative and I wish you good luck with your dogs in the future. 
I will write some words in your guestbook as well, I like your site very much. Itīs so nice to see that the breeders in England has started to get webpages as well. 
Sending a photo of Smokey when heīs at work!!!!! 
Best wishes