Photo Gallery




                         Our Grandaughter Phoebe and the chocolate  pups at 1 week

                                                                      (Eve and gus litter)

                                                            chocolate pups at 2 weeks


                         Phoebe and pups @ 2 weeks old,  November 2008


          Hugh with Jess and Melody  (photo Di Beer)                                  Jess and Melody   ( Photo Di Beer)


                    Holly                                                                        Rosie Puppy at 4 weeks


                                     Photo Farlap

                    Walking on Dartmoor                             Hugh with Jess and Holly at Okehampton show after winning Best of Breed



                Holly at Windsor Championship show 2002                            Holly litter



                                                                                 Lewis and Kira with Holly's pups


                                               Everybody wants a kiss!




How many labs can you get in a bed!!!                                Come on Dad don't be an old bore!!!



 Jess and her new pups 3.1.06                                        14.1.06



Our Grandson Ayrton visiting Jess and her new pups

below with Kira & Lewis                            and sunning themselves



and a labrador pile in the kitchen!!                            Charlie and he was snoring loudly!!!!




A typical Humaryn puppy at 5 weeks                  Everyone has their place at feeding time


Matt, Fiona and Ayrton with Codie                                                                                 Fiona with Gus



Phoebe  (9 months) with our chocolate litter April 2008

Kenzo in his new home in Dubai  owned by Fawaz and Wadad Najia taken just 2 days after he arrived



               Our Labradors are so adaptable...............................

Humaryn Corn Dolly  'Ruby'  owned by Nicky and Jim Slocombe a Jess daughter (born September 2003)

as seen as pups on Jess's page


and below Ruby's sister Chloe owned by Russell Palmer



Humaryn Sandglow 'Chloe'  & Jess's sister Kizzy  owned by Russel Palmer              Humaryn On The Horizon   'Dexter' owned by the Rowe family in Cornwall


Walking near Loch Lomond after The Scottish Kennel Club Show in May 2007






                                          Charlie pleading to sleep with Kira in the caravan!!!

                                           Chadd's  Adventure on his first day in his new home.  (at 8 weeks old)

                                                                      Owned by Julie and Mark Smith


                                                                    Humaryn Lucky Chance d.o.b. 2.8.07

                              dam    Humaryn Devon Violet   sire Langshott Great Chance At Kimvalley JW




                                              Humaryn Bonnie Prince  'Charlie'  owned by Leigh and Jim Baillie